Tuesday, 31 May 2016

At the Bottom by A. M. Gorky in Moscow, 1902

Ivan Moskvin and Vasily Kachalov in The Lower Depths (1902). Russian postcard, no. 8572. Photo: publicity still for the Moscow Art Theatre production of <i>The Lower Depths</i> (1902) by Maxim Gorky, with Ivan Moskvin as Luka and Vasili Kachalov as the Baron. Collection: Didier Hanson.:

Scence from At the Bottom (or The Lower Depth ) written by the Russian playwright, A. Maxim Gorky (1868-1936), starring Ivan Moskvin and Vasily Kachalov as the Baron probably at  the Moscow Art Theatre in 1902


File:The Lower Depths-World Premier Moscow 1902-02-Closing scene, act 3.png
The Lower Depths-World Premier Moscow 1902-02-Closing scene, act 3

Konstantin Stanislavsky in the role of Satin in Maxim Gorky’s “The Lower Depths” at the Moscow Art Theater, 1902


"During this same period Gorky began writing plays and formed close connections with the Moscow Art Theater, which in 1902 produced his most famous play, The Lower Depths. It shows the misery and utter hopelessness of the lives of people at the bottom of Russian society and at the same time examines the illusions by means of which many of the unfortunate people of this earth sustain themselves."

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