Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Masse Mensch, by German Playwright Ernst Toller, Directed by Jürgen Fehling at Volksbühne in 1921

Masse Mensch (Masses Man), written by the German Left-wing Playwright Ernst Toller (1893-1939), and directed by Jürgen Fehling at Volksbühne, Berlin, in 1921

"There were many other uses of stairs in Expressionist theatre, for example in Alfred Roller's Faust Part 2, at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin, in 1911, for Act III of Georg Kaiser's Die Bürger von Calais, written in 1913 and staged in 1917, and for Ernst Toller's Masse Mensch, directed by Jürgen Fehling at the Berlin Volksbühne in 1921 (Kuhns 1997, 211)."

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