Friday, 27 May 2016

Die Versunkene Glocke (The Sunken Bell 1897) written by Gerhart Hauptmann and performed at Molodyi Teatr London in 1918

A scene from Die Versunkene Glocke (The Sunken Bell, first published in 1897) written by the German playwright Gerhart Hauptmann (1862-1946) and performed at Ukrainian-based Molodyi Teatr London in 1918

During the season the other directors presented literal stagings of such plays as G. Shaw's Candida (directed by Yura), G. Hauptmann's Die versunkene Glocke (by Yura) Volodymyr Vynnychenko's Hrikh (Sin, by Yura), Moliere's Tartuffe (by Vasilev), and H. Ibsen's En folkefiende (by Semdor).

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