Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Journey’s End (1928) written by Robert Cedric Sheriff and produced at the Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, in 1929

A scene from Journey’s End  (1928) written by the  British playwright Robert Cedric Sheriff (1896 - 1975) and produced at the Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, in 1929

"Journey’s End comes as more of a rediscovery on this side of the Atlantic than in the UK, where it appears at least to have remained in print over the years and certainly stayed in people’s memory. Once, in the late 1960’s, as Sherriff’s distinguished career as a playwright and screen writer was winding down, he was attending a reception at a local school, where “an old lady…said, ‘I did enjoy Journey’s End, Mr. Sherriff. Why don’t you write something else?'” Even though he had written more than a few successful plays, novels, and screenplays (Goodbye Mr. Chips, That Hamilton Woman, The Dam Busters), he couldn’t “shake off that label.” In New York, after its initial run of 485 performances at the recently demolished Henry Miller’s Theatre in 1929-30, it enjoyed only one brief revival in 1939. Let us hope that the absorbed and plentiful Friday night audience of the performance I attended presages a long run."

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