Tuesday, 2 May 2017

From Morning to Midnight (1912) written by Georg Kaiser and produced at the Theater Guild in New York around 1920

A scene of Von Morgens bis Mittennachts (From Morning to Midnight 1912) written by the German playwright Georg Kaiser (1878 - 1945) and produced at the Theater Guild in New York around 1920

"Here is what the bank scene looked like in Kaiser’s original play (from a 1922 book). This is clearly an ordinary-looking bank and the actors’ clothes are not full of paint. The black background is the only similarity:

From Morn to Midnight stage play bankOkay, let’s think. Did
director Martin (this was his first film by the way) have a liking for experimental art? Why yes he did; before trying out filmmaking he had become very successful at putting on “expressionist” dramas, like Ernst Toller’s 1919 play Transfiguration."

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