Saturday, 13 May 2017

Set designs for Masse Mensch (1920) written by Ernst Toller and drawn by Hans Strobach around 1925

Set designs for Masse Mensch (1920) written by the German playwright Ernst Toller (1893 - 1939) and drawn by Hans Strobach around 1925

"Toller's Expressionist drama Masse-Mensch, “first put on paper in . . . the first year of the German revolution, in the prison-fortress of Niederschoenenfeld” (p. viii), here translated from the German by Nonesuch partner Vera Mendel herself. The frontispiece is a tipped-in photograph of the Volksbühne production, taken by Lisi Jessen, with three more Jessen photographs showing three of Hans Strobach's set designs. All of the photographs are photogravures."

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